• The Gallery

    This is the Art Gallery of Adolfo Spamer, here you can browse his paintings and get a peek of his art and style which is based on changeable, whimsy and capricious spots, drawn with acrylics and no special paper to show that everybody is able to paint using simple techniques. He also has a physical gallery on Mexico City which you can visit anytime. Read More
  • Seascape

    The sea was painted and redefined with the art of Adolfo Spamer, he liked the constant movement of the waves and loved to represent them with dots and brushes trying to keep this harmonic and perpetual movement on his paintings. Read More
  • Portrait

    The human body is a piece of art by itself. Adolfo Spamer, as any other artist, used his style on portraits to show the dynamics of human aesthetics and their movement through space. Read More
  • Landscape

    The view of the land and open spaces with the use of spots to show a different perspective where the living forms recover their movement on these beautiful landscapes. Read More
  • Flowers

    These paintings show the love of Adolfo Spamer to the nature, not only landscapes or seascapes, but also the love to the small and beautiful. Most of the paintings are from the same flower which was inherited from his mother, so you can feel a more personal touch of the artist. Read More
  • Abstract

    Sometimes Adolfo Spamer just wanted to play with his paintings with no specific idea on his mind and just keep working until the painting got a life by itself, most of these paintings are thoughts set to be free. Read More
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Adolfo Spamer Paintings


Adolfo Spamer Gallery

My name is Adolfo Spamer, architect from the University of México. At a mature age and as hobby, I started painting and studied at the University of the Incarnate Word, U.S.A.



My paintings are abstract, colorful, with many SPOTS, freedom and movement. Very important are the colors and I simply try to play with them. I believe this technique, developed with acrylics and on no special paper, could be of interest to the beginners and retired persons.



A simple way of creating art

Therefore, I am dedicating this non lucrative work to those people, through the changeable, whimsy and capricious SPOTS, drawn with the fingers, artists brushers, spatulas, etc... etc... thank you... and enjoy.